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Information that nurtures the pet-people bond

Our Mission

To bring the best local news and information about pets and their people, from and to the pet lovers of Western North Carolina. It’s a community in print.

Activities and care build the bond we share with our furry family members. So we strive to include all of that in every issue. About all the goings on, pet events to enjoy, with local information on pet care and activities from local professionals or knowledgeable enthusiasts.  Purely companion animals. For the whole area. All in one place.

Typical Lineup in every issue and how our readers would respond

Coming Events and Fairs - oh, the Pet Expo is back! The Strutt your Mutt! 5k! a Halloween purrty! Fundraisers: there’s a concert to support  xx – let’s go! 


Sports and activities: how do I learn, see or compete in agility, etc.?


A new BFF: What are the local rescue organizations, where can I adopt? Should I look at a purebred?


Health: Canine flu is coming? Is there a vaccine?


Behavior: good, here’s an article on puppy training I can use!


Emotional needs: I just lost my cat. Is there pet grief counseling? Is my other dog depressed? Maybe I should tell my veteran sister about this horse therapy place.

   But wait, there’s more… things pop up. PetGazette writes about them.


Love it. I have a cat
and a dog, and have used the guidance described under “play”. I’m forever amazed (as well as amused) by the changes in play the dog uses with the cat.

Amanda W.

Facebook Response

Thank you for her
obituary. It made me feel
a little better. It brings me
joy to have it.

Jamie P.

I always enjoy reading
about what is going on in the world of animals.  The
PetGazatte keeps me informed about all my pets.

Kevin W.