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There are lots of ways you can help the pets and pet people of WNC.

One is by becoming a supporter of PetGazette.

Some general information from 50 years spent in ad agencies and magazines…

Everyone wants to know, will my ads “work”? And that usually means “will I get business?”

  • Design an ad with your customer’s benefit foremost.

  • Why should they choose you and not your competition?

  •  Keep it simple! Use good graphics –consider paying for a professional as part of the investment in your business marketing.

  • If the benefit is a coupon, make it meaningful and big.

    • If immediate response is your marketing objective, coupons are better used in direct mail in which people expect to see them. People expect to be informed and entertained in print media.

  • Think about getting attention for your business, not just cost (new businesses or new advertisers especially).

    • PetGazette is bi-monthly. Divide the cost you see for a monthly comparison to monthly publications.

Passionate readers are responsive to ads.

PetGazette accepts only pet-related ads. The publication articles are only about how to enjoy and care for our companions. So the ads are a resource for the articles!

Your ad dollar is efficient.

ALL our readers are pet lovers, unlike the partial percent of general media. Why pay to advertise to non-pet owners?


PetGazette ads “work” in many ways that directly help our companion animals!

  • PetGazette has become a pet community in print, and you are seen in this community. We support rescue with articles about them and their activities, in every issue.

We support the rescues of WNC with a portion of our ad revenue.
Our new website has an active Rescue page, where people can find their next bff!

  • Pet Gazette discounts all ads which support rescue organizations


Ads on this Website $30.00 per month.

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PetGazette  reaches an average of 22,000 pet lovers across Western North Carolina, with each of 6 issue based on a print and distribution of 10,000 copies (Newspaper Advertising Bureau pass-along estimates). 


PetGazette uses a combination of both highly targeted and general distribution sites to reach local and visiting pet lovers wherever they are: pet businesses and practices, coffee shops/restaurants, libraries, hotels. "Free" newspaper boxes are placed at Post Offices and retailer locations.  Ingles Supermarket magazine racks in each town of distribution account for about 1/3 of the paper pickup. 

All issues, current and back to 2013, can be read online.

Advertise on this Website! 

We're celebrating www.wncPetGazette's redesign with special introductory rates, extras, and packages for you!

  •  Advertisers have enjoyed an average response of 25 click-throughs for each of the past 2 years.  

  • All web advertisers earn 5% off a yearly print schedule!

  • Extra! All web advertisers are cross-promoted in the directory section of PetGazette the paper, for no additional fee.

  • Low web page rate - $25/month editor position choice

  • Low web premium rate -  $40/month  on landing page, when space is available.

  • Help save a life with an ad on the Rosie's Rescue page, $30/month.

All web advertising requires a 6 month minimum contract payable in advance.


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