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PetGazette: Our Story

After a lifetime in the northeast loving various adopted dogs, stray cats, birds, fish and gerbils, we packed ourselves and our Golden Remmy into our Subaru, and headed for the hills – these hills. We felt right at home in a community that cares so much about it’s creatures, great and small.  There was only one thing we missed, that we’d had “back there” – a pet paper. About all the goings on, pet events to enjoy, with local information on pet care and activities from local professionals or knowledgeable enthusiasts. Purely companion animals. For the whole area. All in one place.

   Carol’s career had been in publishing – and Jim’s in writing - so the die was cast when, one fateful day driving around to gape at the mountains, one of us said “You know, every car has a dog sticker.” We looked at each other and knew our dreams of retirement were over!

Thanks to the monetary support of the pet businesses here (advertising, y’all), and the passionate response of our “focus groups” (friends who we asked, whadya think?), holding our breath we launched PetGazette in 2012, and it has gained a loyal and passionate following.

 It’s been the work that our previous lives have been preparing us for. We’re grateful to God for the opportunity to try, however fitfully, to use the gifts he gave us, to help the creatures He created. 

And that’s what you do too, every time you pick up the paper, visit this website, advertise, submit an article, or especially give an pet a home who you see on this website. You are the co-creators of PetGazette. Thank you.

Carol and Jim Marks

with PetGazette’s Editorial Director,

The Lady Charlotte of Candler


In the beginning! The poster shows the inaugural edition of PetGazette. It's on our first event table, with Maggie our first mascot. She and her (anonymous) companion made starting PetGazette quicker than it could have been, and a lot of fun. 

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