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Book Review: A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In! by J. Mummey

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 34 pages

Review by Carol Marks, chief bottle washer at PetGazette.

This delightful, informative book is a must-read for anyone thinking about getting a rabbit as a house pet. Certainly, bunnies are, as Mummey puts it, ‘the cutest animals on the planet’. Editorial comment: They are also, according to the Humane Society of the United States, within the group of the third most surrendered pets to shelters in America.

Wisely, Mummey simply advises “Avoid being overwhelmed by societal battles of purchasing animals from breeders…vs. animal rescues. What you quietly observe from a distance (she describes what to observe) will give you your answer (of where to get your pet).” The author’s prime concern is the health and wellbeing of the creatures she loves and it shows in every well-written page.

In her introduction, Mummey reveals the basis for all the information in this excellent book. She says: “ Initial research on caring for rabbits is very important in order to fully appreciate and enjoy pet rabbits… rabbits behave quite differently from cats and dogs…Most rabbits have no desire to snuggle on demand or follow humans around like a puppy.”. Every chapter makes differences abundantly clear. Subjects are: specific food needs ( including good wood and fresh grass and hay), litter boxes and cages, grooming, handling, children, veterinarian, lunging, selecting – and finally, a “checklist of happiness”.

For all the serious information, it is sometimes delivered in a very funny way. Here is one example: “If you are unable to provide easy access to fresh uncut grass, then consider building elaborate friendships with people living in the country (they are wonderful people). Once you have earned their trust, borrow grass clippings from them and go on hay rides together.”

Sage advice when gathering your rabbit’s sticks: “Don’t get the haunted ones that wake you up in the middle of the night.”

Some sections shouldn’t be written with humor, and ‘Children’ is one of them. Mummey writes directly: “Putting the pressure of properly caring for an animal solely on the shoulders of a wonderful little kid is not good for the child, not is it fair to the pet.”

“Checklist of happiness” closes out this wonderful book. It includes Fun Activities, include binkies (read page 32 to find out what they are!), learning tricks for treats, chewing on everything in sight. Also included is a list of needs and training tips. And mostly, J. Mummey wants you to know in “A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In!” that YOU CAN DO THIS!

J. Mummey is originally from Bellefontaine, Ohio and has called Raleigh, North Carolina home for over 20 years. Her writings reflect her appreciation for humor, nature, farming, caring for animals and all things spooky.


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