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A sister is a forever friend!

by Sue Jensen

The thought of Pippa’s sister out there in the world somewhere haunted me.  I never saw Winnie up for adoption.  Finally, I contacted Brother Wolf to see what happened to her.  The foster mom emailed me that Heidi had been adopted.  “Heidi?”  No wonder I couldn’t find her. They changed her name. And Hannah, Minnie/Pippa’s niece and the only surviving puppy, was adopted by a great guy in Franklin.  I needed more.

Flo, BWAR’s foster home coordinator, sent photos of Winnie/Heidi and Hannah.  I made a book of all the photos.  I contacted Heidi and Hannah’s adopters through Flo, and then sent them the “Virtual Reunion” book.  I made three new friends, Flo, Keith and Katie, thanks to Pippa.  I needed even more.

Seven months to the day since they were first separated, Flo arranged a reunion for Winnie/Heidi and Minnie/Pippaat her home.  It was as exciting as any family reunion could be!  The sisters touched noses and followed each other around and around.  They hadn’t forgotten one another at all.  We reunited them again the next day in a playground area where they could romp freely.  A third reunion was held three months later.  A fourth one will hopefully include Hannah!

My point to all this?  Dogs remember family, even their own family members.  I am thrilled that the reunion happened at all.

I didn’t need anymore.  I was finally satisfied.

Another book was created for the “Real Life Reunion,” and shared.  Brother Wolf made this all possible by first transporting Heidi, puppies and Pippa from Madison County, and later contacting Flo at my request.  Flo took it from there.  What a unique, fun, unforgettable experience for all of us involved.

Thank you Brother Wolf for helping to keep loved ones in touch!

Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours. Ludwig Van Beethoven



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