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Be an equine volunteer at Heart of Horse Sense!

Heart of Horse Sense needs volunteers to help with all their fund raisers and in helping to care for the horses. There are so many ways you can help!! This is an opportunity to work with an organization who will be providing impactful services to our local community! Heart of Horse Sense is a non-profit that supports Veterans and At-Risk Youth through equine-assisted therapy programs.

Come out to visit us on the ranch and attend a volunteer orientation session to learn more about the opportunities in which you can become involved within a professional, therapeutic community that has been supporting programs for Veterans and At-Risk Youth for over a decade.

When: August 2, 2015 What Time: 12-1pm Tour/Demo/Intro into Therapeutic Horsemanship; 1-2 pm Volunteer Orientation Where: 6919 Meadows Town Rd, Marshall, NC 28753 Phone:  828.649.7064    Email:

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