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Birthday bash at Beef O’Brady’s June 19

In addition to celebrating the fact that veterinary surgeon David Crouch, DVM, has added another year without looking like it, much, the party will celebrate the fact that we can once again have a party with a bunch of other party-goers. So everyone is invited and their dogs will be welcome, too.

The happy event will run from 4 to 6pm, at the restaurant at 2625 Hendersonville Road in Arden. There will be tables set up in the parking lot for those who still want to “social distance”, as well as inside service for those who might want to mingle more closely with other pet lovers.

Michael Newman, who has been the lead music organizer and provider for the big Rockin’ for Rescue fundraisers in the past, will again be Mr. Music for the event. And Roscoe, the happy-go-luck y pit bull whose grossly deformed feet were turned into happy feet by the skill and caring of Dr. Crouch, will be there too. His function will be to greet people and demonstrate in furry color that there is life after lockdown.

Both the Asheville Humane Society and Charlie’s Angels Animal rescue encourage area pet lovers to attend and enjoy the celebratory festivities. They, and Roscoe, also encourage participants to bring a donation of pet food or pet supplies to help those who may be struggling.


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