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Breed specific rescues provide adult option

Don’t have the time, space or energy to raise a puppy of your favorite breed? Can’t afford to buy one after the pandemic crushed your pocketbook? Well, there is another way to get a dog of your favorite breed: rescue him or her from a breed specific rescue.

That way, you will get a grateful, loving friend and companion who can be with you for the rest of his/her life. And you will help solve the problem of homeless pets.

One breed specific organization in Western North Carolina is Carolina Poodle Rescue, a no-kill private rescue group and a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All animals adopted from Carolina Poodle are spayed or neutered before being placed. The group provides sanctuary and rehabilitation at its Dreamcatcher Farm which is home for many Seniors and Special Needs dogs. Some arrive at the farm from families with major life changes and others find their way there through shelters across the Southeastern US.

Through the generosity and caring of Carolina Poodle Rescue donors, sponsors and volunteers, these wonderful pets have a warm place to sleep, soft food and treats, access to medical care, and all the love and cuddles they can stand until the right new home comes along. Carolina Poodle maintains a waiting list of homes and most of its animals are placed from that list.

To find out if Carolina Poodle might have just the dog for you, visit


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