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Cabin Fever: Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Nobody likes being stuck in the house! Many of the “behavior problems” seen in dogs, especially when they’re stuck inside, are occurring simply because don’t have enough to do! They’re bored! If you and/or your dog have Cabin Fever, try some/all of the following ways to keep your dog entertained.

Things your dog can do alone

  1. Fill her favorite puzzle toy with or treats and watch her work them out.

  2. Give her a puzzle toy that is a larger toy with a smaller toye hidden inside of. These are great for dogs who love to dig or bury things. Great for smaller dogs!

  3. Fill a food dispensing toy such as a Kong and watch her work to get it out. These are toys that a dog plays with or chews on to get the food to come out. There are no removable parts which makes them safer for dogs who tend to eat small objects.

  4. Give your dog a long-lasting chew. The appropriate chews will vary for each dog, so ask your veterinarian or trainer for safe suggestions.

Games to play with your dog

  1. Hide and Seek: This game is so much fun for kids and dogs! Ask your dog to STAY or get a family member to hold him while you go hide. When your dog finds you reward him with his favorite treat or a fun game with you.

  2. Scavenger Hunt: Hide food, treats, food toys or chews around the house. Tell your dog to “find it” and encourage him to search for the items.

Teach something new

  1. Work on her manners such as how to greet guests.

  2. Teach him a useful trick like how to put his toys away.

  3. Practice all the skills she knows to keep them sharp.

For more ideas on how to keep your dog entertained, call your trainer and schedule an enrichment session!

Jennifer King is a CPDT-KA dog trainer and owner of True Connection Canine Education. You can contact her at or 828 329-2852.


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