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Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue

In 2009 a gentleman in Brevard named Charlie passed away, leaving his 20 hunting beagles in need of new homes. In stepped a handful of concerned “angles” who found new homes for the beagles.

Then, realizing the plight that many of the animals who entered the Transylvania County shelter faced, they once more came forward and assisted many into new loving families.

From those early, humble beginnings grew Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, now housed in Fletcher, at 5526 Hendersonville Road, next to Smiley’s Flea Market.

Ninety-five percent of their animals come from county shelters over seven counties in Western North Carolina. Five percent are owner surrendered. Ninety-five percent of the people who make this organization work are volunteers, dedicated and hard-working individuals who compassionately donate their time and talents to giving each deserving animal a new home with a loving family. Charlie’s Angels is a non-profit 501C3 organization that employs just five paid staff members: one full-time and four part-time employees.

All animals that arrive at Charlie’s Angels from a county shelter will receive any needed medical care, including testing for parasitic and infectious diseases, vaccines, be spayed or neutered, and microchipped. A select number of cats are held at Wild Birds Unlimited on Merrimon Ave in Asheville and the Wild Birds Unlimited behind the Chick-Fil-A on Hendersonville Road in South Asheville. Anyone interested in adopting any pet will start with an application (available online), have a landlord check and veterinary check if applicable, and a virtual home check.

The virtual home check is just one more way animal rescue groups have had to recreate or reinvent themselves, their procedures, and their responsibilities in response to the COVID19 pandemic. The personnel fallout for animal welfare groups is fewer available volunteers. There are also fewer donations, and, sometimes, increased animal intake as newly unemployed pet parents can no longer afford to keep their pets. Yet, despite these added challenges, groups like Charlie’s Angels still must ensure proper care for animals awaiting adoption.

One way people can help is to adopt a kennel. This is a Charlie’s Angels specialized fund-raiser. Individuals, groups, or businesses pay $425 and symbolically adopt a kennel at the Fletcher location for one year. A beautiful, custom plaque is made to the donators request and hung on the kennel. It can be in memory of a departed loved one or pet, or in honor of someone special, or just a neat, innovative way to get your business name and message seen. The plaque will hang on the kennel door—dog or cat—for one year and be seen by everyone who visits the adoption center. At the end of one year, the donor can either renew for another year or keep the plaque.

Charlie’s Angels also does weekly yard sales, every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. People are encouraged to donate items in good condition and/or come shop. In addition, the Charlie’s Angels website includes a wish list for such things as towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, natural pine cat litter, pill pockets/ pill pouches, and specialized pet diets.

Interested to adopt, donate, volunteer, or help? Contact Charlie’s Angels via their automated phone line, 828-687-9507, or email .

Links and more information can be found at their website or Facebook page: and . and or phone 828-885-DOGS (3647)

Ryan Jo Summers is a local author and an animal advocate. She has worked in the professional pet care industry for more than thirty years in both business and non-profit sectors. Her home is a haven to a menagerie of rescued animals of various species. To find out more about Ryan’s writing and her pets. visit her website at or her Facebook pages and

“Getting to Know your Local Rescues” is an on-going series highlighting WNC animal rescue groups. Any organization interested in being featured is invited to contact Ryan Jo at and use the ‘Contact’ tab.

Pull quote: Charlie’s Angels has just five paid staff members.


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