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Clubs, breeders can help choose right pet

by Terri Everwine, Hendersonville Kennel Club 719

So you’re looking for a new pet? Adoption from a rescue may not meet your needs. There are many reasons to choose a purebred dog, such as, your child has allergy issues? No mixed breed can be assured of not causing them, but many purebreds are considered hypoallergenic. You want a dog of a certain size and temperament? No mixed breed pup can be guaranteed to fit the bill when it is grown. Maybe want a dog bred for a specific skill? You need an ethical breeder. What is an ethical breeder?

An ethical breeder will help you choose a pup based on your lifestyle and your intent on acquiring a pet. They know the personalities, faults and advantages of each dog they breed. They can tell you everything about each pup, and what you can expect when that pup grows up. They may even go so far as to tell you their breed, or even a certain pup in a litter will not be the best choice for you.

Buying from an ethical breeder means you will acquire not just a dog, but a backup support system from the breeder you can trust to help with any issues, any time. An ethical breeder is fully invested in the pups they produce. You’ll likely sign a contract, and that contract will state that if for any reason you decide you no longer want the dog, it will go back to the breeder. You won’t get that from a pet shop, backyard breeder, or rescues.

The Hendersonville Kennel Club and Asheville Kennel Club will help you find an ethical breeder. We are always willing to help ANYONE who wants to find an ethical breeder. All you have to do is ask! It takes almost no time and we’re always happy to answer ANY question you have.

You found a breeder you like but you’re not 100% sure? Give us their kennel info and we’ll double check for you.

You’re interested in a purebred but you’re not sure what breed will best fit your lifestyle? Tell us your interests and how much time you can put into grooming, training, and exercise and we will narrow it down to a few breeds.

You’ve never looked into purchasing from a breeder but you’re interested? Ask us anything and we’ll tell you what it’s like and what’s to be expected.

You want a second set of eyes for the contract with your breeder? Send it on over and we can go over it together!

Unethical breeders are much too damaging to continue to be unknowingly supported. We can help you avoid them. We are always willing to help. Just ask. We can also help you find a RESPONSIBLE RESCUE. There are many rescues that purchase from irresponsible breeders and then "adopt" the puppies out at a higher cost than what they paid. They will lie and say it is to help cover costs of other dogs. This is called RETAIL RESCUE. Retail rescue STILL supports irresponsible breeders. Most purebred breed organizations have breed rescues throughout the country and we can put you in contact with them.

And an ethical breeder may also have older dogs ready for adoption, whose show and breeding careers may have ended. These dogs are more than ready to take up new lives with new families who do not want to deal with having to raise and train a puppy. These dogs will already be house broken, crate trained, fully vaccinated, health tested and ready to become part of your family.

Feel free to share this so anyone can feel like they can reach out. We are willing to help ANYONE who is looking for an ethical breeder.

Taking on a new pet is a responsibility. Doing your homework prior to acquiring a pet is essential to a lifelong happy relationship.

Breeder referral contacts:

Hendersonville Kennel Club: Terri Everwine: or Hollie at 703-785-9855 or visit

Asheville Kennel Club: Marcia Allen: or

American Kennel Club breeder referral listed by breed with breed parent club contact information for breed rescue:


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