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Creative Pet Grooming

One of my favorite things about pet grooming is creative grooming – pet grooming that differs from the standard breed groom. It uses imagination, feathers, rhinestones, and even animal safe dye to style your pet without compromising the comfort or safety of the pet.  Creative pet grooming is also a hot topic among animal lovers. I hope this article can clear up some of that.

When I started getting into creative pet grooming, I wanted to make sure I knew everything I could. The last thing I wanted was to use any techniques or products that were unsafe for animals. I quickly learned that knowing about the skin and hair/fur and the science behind it all was key to it all. Animals are so different from humans. I also learned quickly that knowing how to read ingredients and what they mean was important. Just because other groomers are doing it, doesn’t make it safe. Not everyone takes the time to educate themselves on the matter. Creative pet grooming can be fun without harming the animal. As a pet parent, I encourage you to ask questions. Make sure your groomer is educated and stays on top of the changing field.

After knowing your pet is in good hands with an educated groomer, dare to get creative with your pet’s grooming.  Something as simple as a heart carved into the fur can give your pet a unique look. Want to get completely away from the breed standard style? Ask about an Asian style. That is basically a short body with longer legs and a short round face.  Great for pets that wear clothes. Want color? There are many choices for that. Everything from very temporary like a chalk, feathers, beads (great for black and dark pets), to something more semi-permanent like dye. There are many animal safe dyes. However, those of you that have black or dark pets don’t have this option. Products that are used to lighten the hair are chemical and are just not safe.

Now you know creative pet grooming is safe, but what about the pet’s feeling about it? I have personally seen all the animals that leave my grooming table bouncing, excited, and even strutting out the door.  Animals love when we humans are excited and give them so much more attention. They naturally want to please us. They may not fully comprehend why their new haircut or blue tail or little rhinestones on their ears made their human joyful, they just know it did.

I hope this really helps pet parents explore the world of creative grooming. It really can be simple, safe and fun.

Kim Slagle has worked with animals for over 20 years. She is an experienced groomer currently working at Canine Shear Heaven.  Her writing goal is to educate other pet parents about the value of regular and proper grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats.


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