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Fosters needed this spring for blooming kitten population

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is seeking support from fosters in the greater Asheville area this spring and summer for an expected 1,500 kittens that will come into care this “kitten season.” Kitten season happens when the weather warms up and stray and feral cats begin reproducing, resulting in an abundance of kittens in need of rescue.

Fosters provide temporary housing until kittens are old enough to be adopted. Foster homes are a safe haven for kittens undergoing a required series of vaccinations. Kittens are vaccinated once every three to four weeks until they are 16 weeks of age or older.

Brother Wolf has many different fostering opportunities, including bottle-feeding newborn kittens, socializing semi-feral kittens, and providing safe spaces for nursing mothers with their kittens.

All supplies—formula, dry and wet food, bottles (if necessary), blankets, litter, litter boxes, food and water bowls, medicine, crates and carriers—will be provided to new and current fosters free of charge by Brother Wolf for the duration of care. All medical care—vaccinations, spaying or neutering surgery and deworming—will be provided by Brother Wolf as well.

Brother Wolf’s medical team will offer free weekly training (required for bottle-fed kittens) to new and current fosters. Training will review bottle feeding techniques, socialization, care, nutrition, overall good health, medical emergencies, nursing and handling.

“We want you to have a level of comfort, and feel supported all the way,” says Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Adoption Center Manager Audrey Lodato.

To prepare for the kittens, Brother Wolf will host a kitten “baby shower” on Saturday, April 15, from noon-5 p.m. at its Adoption Center located at 31 Glendale Avenue in Asheville. The shower is free and open to the public.

“A kitten shower is a great opportunity for us to educate the public, recruit fosters and gather supplies,” says Cat Supervisor Elsa Engstrom.

Visit Amazon at to view the wish list of kitten “baby shower” supplies, as donations are greatly appreciated.

For more information about fostering, visit or email


Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, located in Asheville, NC, was founded in 2007 to provide the resources and life-saving programs to build a No-Kill community. As a grassroots organization, Brother Wolf believes strongly in community engagement and making it easy to adopt, volunteer and become involved in its No-Kill mission. BWAR’s No Kill Community Development Initiative is currently working with five chapters to implement life-saving programs and build their own No- Kill communities. Celebrating 10 years, Brother Wolf will break ground in 2017 at its sanctuary location 25 minutes from Asheville. The sanctuary will be a place for people and animals to heal, as well as focus on working towards the vision of uncompromised compassion for all animals.

photo credit: Tim Ebbs 20110731 Kittens-158.jpg via photopin (license)


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