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In Memory Of

These beloved pets recently passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Tobith Lee Raines, better known as Toby, passed away on March 1st. Born on Christmas Eve in 2006, he was the beloved puppy-child of Nicole Blake and Ronnie Raines. A sensitive little Chihuahua, Toby loved everyone he met. The little guy would sit on the arm of the living room couch to wait for his dad to come home, and that’s when the celebration of Ronnie’s return would begin – an excited Toby would let his dad know how happy he was to see him arrive safely home. Toby’s family received friends at Pet Cremations of Western Carolina’s Peony Room on March 7th.

Django was a larger-than-life Chocolate Labrador Retriever who brought delight to Pat and Robert McClurkin. At the age of 13, Django never lost the desire to entertain and play. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 3rd and is greatly missed by Pat and Robert.

On March 3rd, Scott and Ryan Murphy were saddened by the death of their 12-year-old Stella. While short in stature the robust English Bulldog had plenty of room for fun and love. Stella is survived by her parents Scott and Ryan and her people-siblings Lexton and Lana.

Frosty Shipman was an adorable Pomeranian cherished by her family for 14 years. She was an outgoing little girl who exuded love and happiness. Frosty was a beloved member of the Owens and Shipman families, and she is greatly missed. Her mom, Elaine Shipman, treasures beautiful memories spanning from puppyhood until March 7th when sweet Frosty crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Layla Tucker died on March 11th near the home she shared with her family, Jesse, Charlsta and Malaysia. A sweet dog, Layla brought joy to those she loved.

Jean McNeil said goodbye to her precious Zoey on March 18th.  The beautiful little 11-year-old West Highland Terrier lived a life of joy and happiness knowing that Jean would see to her every need. Jean and her friends are deeply saddened by Zoey’s loss.

Adam and Shannon Pressley loved their gentle-giant, Gabby, for 8 wonderful years. That is actually a long life for a Great Dane, and Gabby exemplified the treasures that 8 years with a wonderful canine-child can hold. Adam and Shannon feel truly blessed to have enjoyed Gabby for so long, and they miss her. Gabby passed over on March 21st.

Debbie Reemes Ford lost Snowball on March 22nd. He was a sweet white cat who rarely left Debbie’s side. She will never forget the loyalty and love of her beloved kitty-child.

Dalton was a playful little boy throughout his life. Born with a genetic disorder, the beautiful Shih-Tzu enjoyed everything around him, especially his parents, Sherry and Otis Steadman. Dalton’s favorite food was SpaghettiOs, and he was never seen without his favorite toy Bear-Bear very far away. As a puppy, the Steadman’s were told that Dalton wouldn’t live for more than a year. With all of the love and joy in his life, Dalton decided to stay around for 6 fun-filled years. Dalton passed away on April 12th.

From Pet Cremations of North Carolina


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