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Keep Your Pet Safe on Summer Adventures

Now with Corona virus affecting our way of life, more and more pet owners are taking their pets on trails for a hike to provide an adventurous and healthy getaway!

So, what happens when a dog slips out of their leash? Every day dogs escape from their leashes or they break at the worst time. It's amazing how fast that can happen, and how it can happen to anyone. Remember, every dog is at risk and can be gone or injured in an instant because of a faulty dog leash clip.

It's the old design of a standard snap bolt clip that can often come undone. What if you are hiking, running or even casually walking and your dog backs up and quickly changes direction, like when they see a squirrel or is startled by a loud noise? Dogs are FAST and they can bolt at lightning speed if they see something to chase and noises in strange environments can terrify even the most trustworthy dog.

Now let's take a look at your leash. Always check it prior to taking your pet to the vet or any other type of adventure. Look at the bolt that slides up and down, simply move it side to side, does it feel loose? Is the spring tension weak? Check by simply pressing down the lever, a weak spring can allow the latch to open if it gets twisted.

We never thought that buying a dog leash could become a safety hazard. Surprisingly, we found out firsthand with our Rottweiler. We were at a busy intersection and it seems that he twisted the leash in a way that the clip opened and in an instant he was free! Luckily, we were able to control him just in the nick of time! To say the least our hearts were pounding and we were freaking out!

So, we started examining our pet's leashes and realized the bolt that moves up and down was very loose and moved considerably from side to side. We learned that continuous movement causes the spring to weaken and can lead to leash failure! That’s when the concept of a safer and easier to use Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash was born!

Uniquely, with Nifti the bolt goes all the way up into a fitted hole and is secured within the hook. With the old designs, the snap bolt just touches the tip of the hook and can wiggle loose or even break and in just the right position it can open! Not with Nifti, the bolt is secured within a holder built-in the hook. We did not stop there, we added more safety to limit leash escape.

Nifti is the only patented leash with a high-power magnet built-in the hook designed to keep the steel D-ring inside the latch for safety. The magnet will also lift and instantly connect to the steel D-ring on your dog's collar or harness, it makes hooking up easier and safer. You will know your dog is securely hooked because you will hear a click when you connect the leash. Also, the easy to use thumb lever keeps fingers from being pinched and can be easily used wearing thick winter gloves.

Your furry friend depends on you to keep them safe, get your NIfti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash today at most Hendersonville Pet Shops, online at Amazon or at Makes a great gift!


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