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Keeping A Promise

Promise is a horse I had the privilege of communicating with and opens our story for this issue. Are you taking care of your pet, or is your pet taking care of you?

Some humans tend to believe we are caring more for our pets than the care they provide for us. However, I’ve found, through communications, that relationships with our pets are mutually beneficial. Pets provide support for us both emotionally and spiritually. They fulfill a deep need within our heart and soul. Given this awareness, I will highlight what Promise brings to the relationship with her person Jenny. Perhaps the whispers from your pets may be echoing something similar?

I told Jenny, “Promise exudes an expanded energy field and is aware of her sense of self and purpose for being in your life. This includes being proud of you and contributing to your growing confidence and feelings of significance.

“Promise trusts you because you know what you’re doing. She wants any self-doubt you may have to fly out the barn door. She enjoys the beautiful tenderness you bring to the relationship. She said, ‘You went from feeling somewhat small to feeling as big as her. You came into your empowered spirit and are letting it flow as powerfully as a waterfall.’” Jenny happily agreed.

“When you are riding her it feels electric. She says she’s been teaching you!”

“Yes!” Jenny said. “I tell everybody she taught me to be a leader. I don’t have to be a leader, but on the days I don’t step up when I’m with her, I usually regret it!”

“Promise says you learned how to serve her and through mutual respect your relationship glows with the spirit of cooperation. She also said her legs, stomach and body needed some attention.” Some weeks after our communication, Jenny learned that Promise had developed Cushing’s disease and is now treating her with medicine.

Regarding relationships with other horses, Promise wanted Jenny to understand that she is selective about who she chooses as her friend. “Oh, I know,” said Jenny. “She’s very picky about other horses, though she likes people.”

Jenny asked why Promise bolted away from the barn workers. Promise explained. One of the workers needed to clean Promise’s stall and she wasn’t cooperating. The worker tapped her hind quarters with his shovel’s handle. He hit an area of her back which created an uncomfortable stinging sensation. Since then she’s felt afraid to interact with the workers. I apologized to Promise and expressed how sorry we were that this happened. Jenny was grateful to have more awareness about the bolting.

When we finished our chat, Jenny said she got a lot out of it. She now has an even deeper understanding and bond with Promise. Checking in with Promise, the feeling was mutual!

Animal Communicator Renee Takacs lives in Hendersonville. She blogs about pets at and can be reached at 828-685-3231.


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