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  • Andee Bingham


Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance, a nonprofit animal rescue, is excited to announce a capital campaign to purchase the property that has been home to their beloved Kitten Nursery for the past two years. To date the Kitten Alliance has raised $62,000, nearly halfway to their goal of $150,000.

The Kitten Nursery has been a safe haven for nearly 1,000 kittens and has been an invaluable resource to dozens of animal rescues and municipal shelters throughout the region. The facility, which is equipped with state of the art equipment, allows the Kitten Alliance to rescue the most vulnerable and at-risk kittens.

“Our role has always been to help the ones that traditional shelters don’t have the resources to provide around-the-clock care for,” says Andee Bingham, Founder and Executive Director. Bingham says about 75% of the kittens they welcome into their care each year are under one-week old or critically injured or ill when they arrive.

In addition to the ICU, the Kitten Alliance facility also serves as an adoption center and educational venue that hosts free Bottle Baby Kitten Care 101 classes throughout the year. According to data from Best Friends Animal Society, North Carolina annually euthanizes more cats and kittens than almost any other state in the country. Many of those are unweaned kittens, exactly the ones the Kitten Alliance works so hard to save. “So many shelters throughout our region euthanize unweaned kittens simply because they don’t have the training, supplies, and foster homes they need to care for them,” Bingham explains. “We’re working to change that. Purchasing the Kitten Nursery secures a vital resource that will help change the fate of the ones who may not survive otherwise. That’s something we hope our whole community will celebrate!” Learn more about Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance, schedule a tour of their facility, or make a lifesaving donation towards their capital campaign at


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