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Mobile Care is the Answer

Staying home during the pandemic has had its advantages. Caring for furry friends isn’t one of them. Problems were, and still are, caused primarily by lack of access. Fortunately, two mobile veterinarians are now serving the WNC area to provide some answers: Paws Mobile Veterinary Clinic, and Blue Ridge Veterinary Service.

The restrictions put in place for veterinary offices during the height of shutdowns are still in place. Vet offices are on curbside pickup only. Extended time there puts a strain on pet owners' schedules. Surgeries have been delayed or eliminated. Smaller practices often do not have an on-site surgeon for advanced procedures. Advantages to guardians who are less mobile have multiple pets, a job with odd hours, are also apparent.

The mobile veterinary care provided by two new practitioners to the WNC area solves a lot of these problems while adding something extra. Dr. Leslie Dragon is“the vet who makes house calls”. From her well-equipped van, this experienced practitioner provides all the basic services of an office vet, including wellness, vaccinations, labs, pharmacy, etc. – in your home. See more at

Dr. Brett Wood has a unique service in that he brings his expertise not to your home, but to your family veterinarian, where your pet is comfortable. He is a Diplomate ACVS, the highest level Board Certified Surgeon with 20 years experience, and specializes in cancer and orthopedic surgery. See more at


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