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New Animal Rescue Brings Unique Approach and New Ideas

The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina (TARWNC) is a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation located in Asheville, NC. While TARWNC may be new, founders Tim & Julie Tipton are well-known in the animal sheltering circles of WNC, having a combined 15+ year’s experience in the field. They have established contacts and excellent working relationships with most area groups including Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Asheville Humane Society, Madison County Animal Services, Yancey Humane Society and many others.

The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina is not an ordinary rescue!

Every year 1000’s of healthy, friendly adoptable dogs and cats are needlessly euthanized in Western North Carolina animal shelters. The reason: The shelters get full and there is no place for them and no outlet to place them. While TARWNC has maintained some facets of a traditional animal rescue using foster home placements, planning transports, adoption events, etc. to save animals, they have also been busy developing a unique information gathering system called PIC (population, intake and census.) TARWNC hopes to collect population, intake and census data from all animal shelters located in the 23 counties comprising WNC on a weekly basis. The sharing of information by the shelters is purely voluntary, but they have high hopes every organization will participate.

The situation is more difficulty than people realize.

While some organizations are not allowed to accept animals from outside their geographic boundaries, others may be, but don’t know who is full and who isn’t. Being a mixture of government entities and nonprofit corporations most shelters have very different goals, funding levels and philosophical ideologies. “We completely understand the difference in these organizations. We’ve been there. We are not constrained by county lines, personnel policies or county budgets and we don’t judge other groups by what they have done or are trying to do. Our motto is saving lives by working together. We have a solution to the communication issues between shelters. It’s crucial for every animal welfare organization in WNC to work with us,” says TARWNC President & CEO Tim Tipton.

Recipient: The Pollination Project 2016 Grant

Even though the company is just 7 weeks old they are getting some national attention. The Pollination Project based in Berkeley California announced in early August that The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina was receiving a prestigious Pollination Project Grant! The Pollination Project identifies inspiring social change-makers and extraordinary grassroots leaders on a global level. Only a fraction of identified applicants receive funding.

Selected: GIVE! LOCAL 2016 Campaign

TARWNC is one of just a handful of nonprofits selected to participate in the Mountain Xpress Give! Local fundraising campaign!

Their system works! Ten pets have already been saved from euthanasia. Four of the ten have been through the foster system and have already found forever homes! If you are interested in becoming an area coordinator, foster, volunteer, financial contributor or just simply learning more about the rescue visit, email or call 828-208-1123.


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