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Pet boredom busters

Ideas from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s Training and Enrichment team to help keep two- and four-legged family members active and happy while at home together.

  1. “Sniffari” Walks! Let your pet’s nose lead and follow them where they want to go on a “sniffari.” Let them linger where they want to explore scents. This is great mental stimulation for them.

  2. DIY food puzzles! A good use for empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Create food puzzles with them, combining dinner time with enrichment and fun for your pet.

  3. Build a cardboard cat castle! Connect different shaped boxes with tape, and then cut various holes for doors and windows. Decorate with colored paper, markers or pomp poems.

  4. Teach your pet how to spin in a circle. Put a treat by their nose and twirl it in a circle around their back. Once they've spun in a full circle they get their treat! It may take a couple of tries. If your pet is having difficulty completing a full circle, give them a treat when they're halfway around.

  5. Canine hide and seek. Have someone hide where your dog can't see them. The hider should have treats in their pocket for when they get found. Once properly hidden, they should start calling your dog, sounding happy and excited, and projecting playtime energy. Start with easy hiding spots (behind an open door, under a blanket) and make it harder the better your dog gets at the game.


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