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Pet communication eases situations

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

by Rose Proud

One of the most common times clients contact an animal communicator is when their pet is aging or struggling with a health issue.

Communication with your animal when they are recovering from surgery, are ill, or towards the end of their life, can help with the difficult and often agonizing decisions that may need to be made. It can bring peace and comfort to both you and your animal friend. Animals are often very clear about what their wishes and needs are. They can let you know if certain treatments or medications seem to be helping and how they feel about their condition. They can let you know what you may do to help and support them.

I once worked with a dog who was recovering from surgery. The owner was concerned because she couldn’t get him to rest so he could heal properly. Their vet had given them pain meds and anti-anxiety medication to help him be relaxed and rest, but he still seemed very agitated and uncomfortable. He was having trouble sleeping as well. When I connected with him he let me know that something he was given made him feel extremely anxious and restless. When I connect with an animal, I receive the information through pictures and sensations. I often feel what they feel.

I felt his restless energy. It reminded me of it how it feels when I have too much caffeine! My body felt very restless, anxious and uncomfortable. My client then contacted her vet and discovered that, although uncommon, the anti-anxiety med can sometimes have the opposite effect. Once they discontinued that medication, he was much more calm and restful and able to heal.

Animals are also very open when they are ready to make their transition.

When your pet is declining and at the end of life, the decision to help them move on can be very difficult and heart wrenching. I have worked with many clients and their pets at this stage in their life.

Knowing what your pet wants and needs during a time of illness or at the end of their life helps to bring a sense of comfort and peace with your decision. Supporting your beloved animal at the time of their transition can be a very loving and beautiful experience.

My experience has been that animals don’t perceive death the way that we do. They have taught me so much about love, letting go and acceptance.

Rose Proud has had a deep connection with animals since childhood, and, for 19 years, has been working with animals and their people to help facilitate a deeper bond. Rose helps open communication between people and their animal companion with love, mutual respect and understanding. For more, visit;;or listen to her online radio show @

Rose Proud and Scooter


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