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Europe's largest asylum for horses needs your help!

Europe's largest asylum for horses needs your help. Centaurus Foundation, has operating for 15 years. Over 500 horses and hundreds of other animals have lost everything as a result of the epidemic. In the face of their own tragedy, donors withdrew their support. Asylum is short of food and medicine for animals. They are seeking help around the world and have requested PetGazette to share and help save their animals.

We are asking for help in publicizing our appeal because here alone in Poland we cannot cope with this drama. More at www.angels2animals.com I will be grateful for the help, sharing and helping us to reach as many people as possible. Every gesture is precious to us!

They have asked PetGazette to share this video. Please Note: In Polish with english subtitles.

To Donate: https://www.chuffed.org/project/a-million-for-hay-for-horses-from-the-sanctuaryhttps://www.angels2animals.com/donations/milion-for-hay/

Kind Regards, Anna Cymerman Centaurus Foundation Wałbrzyska 6-8 52-314 Wrocław Poland e-mail:office@angels2animals.com mobile:+48 531 148 603


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