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Roaming Parrot Reports on Rescues

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

by Emily Trimnal

If you are a bird owner, you may be aware of the plight of pet parrots here in the United States. Birds are the third most common pet in the American household. As a result, avian rescues are springing up all over the country, struggling to keep up with the influx of birds and educate the general public on parrots as pets. With so many new rescues, it can be hard for the general public to not only be aware of the many options, but also find a rescue nearby.

People looking to relinquish a bird may not know where to go, and people looking to adopt a bird may not be aware of a rescue in their backyard. (Phoenix Landing is a large avian rescue based right here in Asheville North Carolina, for example. Their website is In an effort to bring recognition to rescues nationally, and help rescues network with each other and the public at large, The Roaming Parrot was born.

What is The Roaming Parrot? It is a traveling documentary series, whose immediate goal and mission is to try to learn as much as possible about the avian community’s vast network of rescues, sanctuaries, foster systems, adoption organizations, and bird stores. We will be traveling the United States, collecting data that will be made readily available to the general public so that anyone can easily search for rescues based on a variety of criteria. Whether you are a beginning parrot owner seeking to adopt a bird, or a seasoned parrot owner seeking a rescue to financially support, this data can help you make an educated decision on what facility to get involved with. Even avian veterinarians and other parrot professionals can find quality information on participating facilities that can provide a starting basis for best practice development for their institutions.

Inclusion is voluntary and we are starting out with facilities that have invited us to visit. Starting from North Carolina, we will be travelling the country for six weeks, visit a myriad of rescue facilities and bird stores to begin our data gathering. As we travel 8,000 odd miles this summer, we will be taking pictures and filming video to keep our fans and followers updated with the most recent adventure we encounter. At the end of the trip we will compile the video footage taken at each facility into an ongoing documentary series. The Roaming Parrot is in its infancy, and the trip this summer will be our first. After this initial trip we will embark on smaller, more concentrated regional based trips to continue our data gathering mission.

You can keep up with The Roaming Parrot at and at our website,  Starting in June you can tune in for our bi weekly video blogs, photo updates, and more. We appreciate your support!

Author and behaviorist Emily Trimnalis a Certified Avian Specialist and a Level 2 Aviculturist with the American Federation of Aviculture. Her website is



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