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Rosie Fund to Honor Rosie Marks: CPPI Beneficiary

A personal journey by Carol Marks

As many of you know, Jim and I lost our little PetGazette mascot Rosie last January. The guilt and grief are still there. In sponsoring the Angel Pets Conference and Expo, I’ve researched the participants and found much helpful information on how to grieve in a healthy way. One thing to do is to Honor your pet. Leigh Love, the organizer of the Conference, did a moving honoring ceremony for Rosie. Best Friends was there for us, and Tricord Stones provided a wonderful memorial for our garden (you’ll see it on our Conference table; Rosie said we could borrow it).

All of these helped us, but we wanted to help others, too. Then, Mary Cervini of Community Partnership for Pets (CPPI) sent us a note. In Rosie’s name, she had sponsored a pet in a rural shelter who was at high risk of euthanasia. This meant that Rosie’s death allowed another pet to live. At that point I knew we had found a truly meaningful, ongoing way to Honor Rosie’s life.

So PetGazette is establishing The Rosie Fund to help provide financial resources for CPPI. Why CPPI, when there are so many rescues, shelters and spay-neuter organizations here? Because other areas are not so fortunate and heartbreak there is frequent.

Founder Mary Cervini says, “Community Partnership for Pets Inc. (CPPI) is working our way across the State of NC setting up and funding spay/neuter programs to focus on eliminating the suffering and euthanasia of dogs and cats. Our priority at this time is to work with poor, rural animal shelters that are out of sight and out of mind to many people. The people and pets struggle in these communities to stay alive! If you want to truly turn hopelessness into Hope, please join us. Please visit our website at to see the counties and groups we are currently working with or to make a donation. You can even sponsor a dog or cat at one of these shelters. For a $50 donation, we can GUARANTEE a dog or cat will be rescued!”

You can make a donation in Rosie’s honor, or in honor of your pet, at their website. To learn more about Community Partnership for Pets, or to rescue a dog or cat, come to the Pet Gazette table at the Angel Pets Conference and Expo on June 8 at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville (see article on page 15 of our latest edition). If you come, bring a picture of your Rainbow Bridge friend for our Memorial board, so we can all Honor him or her.

Yours in life,



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