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My name is Becker Reep. I am thirteen years old, and have two furry friends. When I was offered the opportunity to write this article I jumped at the chance. I want to share the wonderful advantages of having my own dogs.

When I was about nine and a half years old, I got my very own Newfoundland dog. Her name was Stella. At first, my mom helped me take care of her, but after a few months, I was doing all of the work. Every day included feeding, walking, brushing, and belly scratching. Stella and I are best pals! I started working with her and training her to show in AKC dog shows on her first birthday. Stella and I showed in many shows, getting progressively better. As of right now we have qualified for Westminster dog show in New York for  two years in a row and need one more win to qualify for this year.  Westminster is like the Super Bowl of Dog Shows and it is great fun taking a Newfoundland into New York City! Everyone wants to stop and talk to her!

Stella is now almost five years old and I got my new puppy, Lana, who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, about six months ago. Lana is completely my responsibility and I have taken care of her all by myself from the beginning. I have crate trained her and potty trained her.  She is a super cool little girl that loves to go crazy and smother me with kisses. She also loves to cuddle and sleep with her head on my chest. Lastly, she adores chewing on anything that passes her smell, lick, devour test.

Throughout the task of taking care of my pups I have felt very responsible and really reaped the benefits. I have two awesome dogs that love me more than anything. What I love is that I had to be responsible enough to wake up on the weekend and take them out, even though I want to sleep in. And walk them even if it’s wet or cold outside and I’d rather stay in the warm house. Lastly after a long day at school I need to sit down and belly scratch and tell them how amazing they are. Then I take the makeup brush that belongs to my mother out of Lana’s mouth (that she loves to steal right out of her makeup bag!).

Editor’s Note: Becker Reep will be making regular contributions to PetGazette.


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