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The Dog’s Perspective eBook*

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Volume 1: A Philosophy Primer  by Kathryn R. Gubista

Introducing the first volume of the Kindle eBook* series, The Dog’s Perspective: How to Train a Dog by Thinking like a Dog. The objective of this book series is to explain how to train dogs by thinking like a dog. The Dog’s Perspective is a simple and straight forward approach to dog training that enables anyone to find solutions to many of their dog-related issues. The objective of this first volume, A Philosophy Primer, is to explain the philosophical foundation of the Dog’s Perspective.

This volume describes, compares and contrasts three different training philosophies and their ultimate effect on dog training success. Current training methods are easily categorized into two basic philosophies: Wolf’s Perspective and the Human’s Perspective, which represent aversive and positive training, respectively. This book offers another option by presenting a third training philosophy, the Dog’s Perspective, which is an evolutionary approach that shares both similarities and differences with the other training philosophies.

The Dog’s Perspective is a canine-version of Positive Discipline, a popular parenting model for human children. The positive part of Positive Discipline stresses calm, friendly and respectful training methods. The discipline part of Positive Discipline has nothing to do with punishment, but everything to do with teaching and guidance. The Dog’s Perspective is the only training philosophy that is simultaneously dog-friendly, human-friendly, dogmane and humane.

There are numerous reasons this book needed to be written. First, so much misinformation about dog training is running rampant, especially where it comes to unsubstantiated claims of scientific evidence supporting an opinion or viewpoint. Second, some training methods are too complex and/or ineffective. These problems frustrate most humans to the point of quitting – just giving up on training their dogs.

The individuals harmed the most from this are innocent dogs. Some untrained dogs are just left home alone or confined to their yards. Others are less fortunate and find themselves surrendered to a shelter or worse. The goal of this book is to help stop the abandonment trend by explaining just how easy and straightforward dog training is from the Dog’s Perspective. Trained dogs are lucky dogs and their humans are very happy companions.

The Dog’s Perspective, Volume 1: A Philosophy Primer is available on Amazon. You have the ability to preview the first 10 pages to determine if you want to read more. Thank you so much if you read the book. If you find it informative or useful, we would be eternally grateful if you would post a short review on Amazon. Your support really does make a difference.

*Kindle eBooks are readable on all computers and smart devices.

Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD is an evolutionary biologist, certified professional dog trainer, consultant and author of The Dog’s Perspective: How to Train a Dog by Thinking like a Dog. The book is based on both academic training and over 30 years of training dogs and teaching humans.


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