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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

In memory…


Sphinx was one of the kittens that we fostered at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville 15 1/2 years ago. When I went to work every day, this one particular kitten seemed to call out my name from in the litter we had at the time. He was a little spitfire of a kitten, standing in the back of the cage and hissing at us until one of us picked him up and gave him some love, which I did a lot. I would go home and tell my husband about this kitten and the answer I kept hearing was “No.” So, the girls and I had the bright idea to have the clinic give us the kitten for a wedding gift (we were getting married in two weeks). This way, we could not return the kitten or refuse it. It worked (or he let me think it did), so Sphinx became our third kitty. Sphinx was always a mommy’s baby, sleeping by my head and purring every night. We miss him very much, but know he is in a better place with no sickness. We love you, Sphinxy!

~ Danielle Treadway


Willow’s life started out tough and she ended up at the shelter as a terrified little bundle of fluff. When I first saw her she was shaking and trying to get as far under her shelter bed as she could. I went into her kennel and sat on the floor and quietly talked to her. Eventually I picked her up and carried her out to the front where it was quieter and she could meet what were to be her new dad and sister, our other little furgirl, Baby. We knew she needed us as much as we needed her. That was on February 3, 2008.

Willow was terrified of people and barked at everybody every time they came to our house or when we were out on our walks. Even if she saw someone standing on their porch she would bark at them. And she hated putting on her halter. She would hide under the table and we would have to resort to trickery. Once her halter was on she would run and roll around and even act like a little bucking bronco. But, after she got past the irritation of her halter, she was always ready to go for a walk or a ride in the car.

When Willow joined our family, she had no idea what toys were. We had a great time introducing her to all kinds of things. She grew into a funny, loving little furball. Baby taught her lots of things too, like how to hunt for moles in the back yard. She loved watching squirrels and chasing them out of the yard. If she could have figured out how to get up the tree to chase them further, I’m sure she would have.

In January, the lymph nodes under Willow’s chin swelled up. We took her to the vet thinking she had an infection. We were devastated when the vet said “lymphoma.” Like a trooper, she went to chemo in Asheville every week and went into remission early on. When she finished chemo, at the end of May, we were so hopeful that she would have a long remission. Unfortunately her remission was short and her lymph nodes were already starting to swell at her six week follow-up. She crossed the rainbow bridge on September 6.

Willow was a huge joy in our lives. She loved playing with her squeaky toys and would dig in the toy box to find her favorite. She loved peanut butter bones and mom’s homemade cookies. When she looked into my eyes I could see her soul. Her love was deep. When I spent too much time working, she would come tell me it was time to stop and pet her or play. When she left, she took a piece of my heart. There’s a hole in our family, we miss her so much. We’ll cherish the memories she gave us forever.

~ Bee Volpe


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