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In Loving Memory…

Here are the memorials of beloved pets that will be forever missed.


Max, born Sept. 21, 2016, passed away tragically Friday, Feb. 16, 2018.

His registered name was Maximus Smiles, because that is what he created wherever he went.

He was calm, gentle and always kind to his two best friends, Wyatt, age 9, and Jase, age 7.

He was the perfect puppy and never chewed anything or made messes.

He was happiest when he was with his people. His “mom” Erica already misses the way he curved his Boxer body in a U-shape and walked towards her, stumpy tail wagging faster than seemed possible.

His greatest joy was to chase the cats, although he never hurt them. He will never be forgotten and is terribly missed.

~ Erica Smiley


The house is empty this evening…empty of one sweet boy. This morning Flip crossed the Rainbow Bridge where he now is chasing planes, birds, and pooper scoopers like a wild man. No more struggles and pain for my Wonder Dog.

Flip was diagnosed with lymphoma several months ago. We opted for quality of life and got to share him, once again, like the Sheltie we loved! He was once again chasing my feet and herding the pooperscooper.I cannot begin to express what Flip brought to our home and to mylife. Whatever I choose to do or train he approached with intensityand confidence. He lived each day like it was a vacation, with fun and laughter.He brought me back into the obedience ring, a place I had not been in many years. All I had to do was look down at his face….and I smiled.He was truly the definition of confidence and happiness. It was myextreme privilege to be the one holding the lead, sharing hisexuberance and joy!!My heartfelt appreciation goes to Joe and Nancy for giving him a great start in life. They had to step in and feed his litter and I have no doubt that extra attention and care contributed to his attitude and personality. This sweet boy grew up to give me so much love, fun, and great times! From playing in a mud puddle as a tiny puppy to our HIT, my first and only!!My heart is hurting, my eyes are leaking, and I am lonely for onesweet, special tri Sheltie, lovingly called….Flip.RIP Sweet boy…you were and will always be…my wonder dog…~ Selina


Caption: Max with Jase and Wyatt Smiley


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