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Wagbar Opening Soon

The newest addition to the Asheville scene, Wagbar, is due to open soon and will combine two of Asheville’s passions in the same place: dogs and beer. Dogs like playing… people like beer …, and it is Wagbar’s mission to combine both in one fun place, along with a passion to improve dog’s lives with, among other things, on-site adoption events.

Kendal Kulp, a Weaverville native and graduate of Asheville High School, is the entrepreneur behind Wagbar Dogs & Beer. “I’ve been thinking of a place like Wagbar for a long time”, he said when we visited him at the Merrimon Avenue site recently. “I’d be at a dog park waiting for the dog to get tired so we could head out for a beer - and watching everyone else do the same thing - and I thought, I wish there was something for people to do here, too.”

So Kulp scribbled his idea on a napkin, then, with a degree from Appalachian State, pursued a career in the outdoor industry. But the idea never went away, so in 2019 he put together a business plan. “When this site became available”, he said, “it was in the right place at the right time and we moved ahead.”

The “wag” in Wagbar Dog & Beer includes a 20,000 square foot outdoor off-leash fenced playground. “Wesolved the worst problems with dog parks”, Kulp said, “with both health and behavior requirements”. A doggie sand box, water feature, bathing station, and drinking stations, will add to the fun. Then there are dog treats, dog accessories, doggie ice cream. What dog could ask for more?

The “bar” in Wagbar is a repurposed shipping container, crafted into a modern structure that will serve craft and domestic beer (can and tap), wine, hard cider, and non-alcoholic drinks along with coffee, light refreshments, snacks and pastry. Food trucks will be providing more substantial fare, rotating the vendor to provide different types of food. Live music from local talent will provide entertainment.

Wagbar will host fundraising and adoption events for organizations, pet charities and doggie foster parents. With every purchase, customers will receive a token to drop in a donation jar of their favorite charity, and Wagbar will make the donation.

When asked how he feels about his new venture, Kendal Kulp has a big grin when he says, “Wagbar’s tagline says it all. If I had a tail, it’d be waggin’.

Wagbar is located at 320 Merimon Avenue in Weaverville. For more information see the website at, Instagram is @Wagbar.dogparkbar; Facebook is @wagbardogpark.


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