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Waynesville’s Wee Willow Keeps Wins Coming

On August 18, 2019, a Boston Terrier from Waynesville, NC, by the name of Wee Willow, formal name Jo-Clem Zippity Doo Dah, earned her FCAT24 title at the Brookville Ohio Fast CAT competition, continuing her dominance as the highest-titled Fast CAT competitor in the country. Yes, the country. She was one of four dogs to earn enough points for the first title (BCAT) and the first dog, of any breed, to earn the next two titles (DCAT and FCAT). Wee Willow continues to be the first dog of any breed to earn each additional title. At this point, she has earned the highest Fast CAT title 24 times. Her average lifetime speed is 23.53 mph, with her personal best being 24.12 mph. Yes, this little Boston Terrier is probably faster than anyone can drive on Route 26 at 5pm.

What is Fast Cat? “The dogs run one at a time over a straight 100-yard course, chasing an artificial lure,” explains Chris Frodsham, Wee’s co-owner with his wife Laurie. “Wee has a high prey drive so she loves this sport. She just loves to run.” Competitors’ run times are converted into miles per hour, which are multiplied by a height handicap, to determine the number of points earned for B, D, and FCAT titles. The Frodshams, who have traveled to events in 18 states, believe that Wee Willow will again achieve the distinction of being the first dog to earn the FCAT25 title at the competition at Charlotte, NC, on September 15.

But for the skill of Dr. David Crouch, Wee’s athletic success at a high level would have been much less likely. “All of our dogs participate in sports,” Laurie said, “so when we brought her into our home, we knew she would be involved in dog sports…we just didn’t know which ones.” Unfortunately, luxating patellas – moving kneecaps – were diagnosed when she was about 12 weeks old. Without surgery she would develop cruciate ligament problems. Running competitively would be out of the question. Dr. Crouch performed Medial Luxating Patella Repairs on both knees as soon as Wee Willow turned 6 months old. Laurie continued, “We like to give our dogs opportunities to do different things, and let them choose what they like to do best. Having the surgery enables us to do that.”

Wee Willow, the little Boston Terrier who is faster than Hussein Bolt, was able to begin competing and winning in Fast CAT at one year of age, and has been running and winning ever since.

“That’s her jam,” said dogmom Laurie. “So we will do it as often as we can, for as long as she wants.”

Photo credit: Action photos by ML Baer Photography


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