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In 2019 when our beloved Rosie passed, we vowed to somehow save pets' lives to honor her death. Rosie's Rescue  is the result of that vow.For any pet adopted from Rosie's Rescue we will make a donation to that organization.

"Rescues need your help during the Covid 19 Crisis.
Call or click on their link below to find out what you can do."

These are BFF's are most in need of homes.  All different rescue organizations are here in one place, with pets listed as close to  real time as possible. Click on the rescue ad so you can follow up quickly. If the BFF pictured is already in it's forever home, the rescue with help you find the right one for you.

Rescue organizations - send picture and 25 words of description to, subject line Rosie's Rescue. 


We all have that one person in our life... You know the one. That one friend or family member who is REALLY missing out by not having the love and companionship of a pet!!! Don't let them continue to suffer... Do that pet-less person a huge favor right now without delay and tell them about Luna

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Meet Shadow, the tuxedo-clad stud. Shadow is a shy, low-key cat. He would like a patient home as he is timid and needs time to adjust. He is a dapper, stoic, low maintenance gentleman-cat, if you've been looking for a side kick, Shadow is your guy! Shadow is declawed, but is doing well learning to use his litterbox!

We are currently appointment only, so please come make an appointment to meet sweet Shadow- you won't regret it!

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Chicken, Domestic - Other
Sex : Male
Age : 1Y / 6M
Location: Adoptions, Small Animal Room

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Dog - Retriever/Mix
Sex : Male
Age : 10Y / 1W
Weight : 52.00 lbs
Location: Dog Adoptions, Dog Feature
Heartworm Treatment Patient , Urban Tails

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Piglet got his name, from his foster family, because he would get so excited about eating that he would stand with both feet and his snout in his food when he was little. He has so much heart, so much grit. He is now as big as his brothers and brimming with love. He will curl up in your arms or on your lap, but he also loves to play with pretty much anything he can find. His sweet little face could win over the hardest of hearts. He's adventurous and hilarious.

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Mack is a strong willed and independent man. He needs a single dog house hold where he can soak in all of the attention. He is 8years old and approximately 50lbs. He is full of strength and energy. An ideal family for Mack would be someone that has time to train Mack and spend some quality time with him in his own yard!

He will need a home as the only pet.
Fenced in yard
No children

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Pig - Vietnamese Potbelly
Sex : Male
Age : 4Y / 5M / 1W
Location: Equine and Livestock Barn

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This old man has a young soul. He is excited about life and enjoys going on easy walks. He is a perfect gentleman while getting his harness on and likes to take long naps after. He is a bit shy at first but the way to his heart is through chew toys and peanut butter! Taz would love to sit by your side while you binge watch your favorite show, so contact his foster Mom today at to inquire about adoption!

* My senior pet adoption fee has been sponsored in loving memory of AHS alum, Khaleesi, by her adopters, Nancy and Leo. *

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Hi, my name is Warrior. I’m a mix of Lab, maybe chow and probably many other breeds - who knows?! It’s not really important what I’m mixed with, it’s my personality that counts. I’m a big lover, emphasis on “big and “lover”! I adore people. I greet everyone with a happy wagging tail, a wiggly butt and a wide-open-mouthed smile. Sometimes people think I’m baring my teeth, but it’s my way of smiling because…I adore people.

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Sugar is a darling senior lady who enjoys the simple life. She is 10 years old and 7lbs and just wants a home of her own. She has the softest coat and the cutest overbite you ever saw. This girl knows what life is about... warm laps, a good meal, ear scratches. It doesn't take much to make Miss Sugar happy.
Sugar came to us in rough shape, matted and needing a complete dental. Sugar had a partial dental but will need more work within the year. Because of this and her age she will need ongoing regular medical care, which can become costly. We promise you- she's more than worth it!

Adoption fee: $150
The adoption fee covers: Heartworm test, rabies and core vaccines, deworming, microchip, and spay

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Meet Celeste! This adorable little Manx lady came to us as a stray and she has been an absolute lover from day one! Despite having a few problems medically when she first got here she has always been down for love and is a nonstop purr machine. She is currently in a foster home where she is living well with multiple other cats and medium sized dogs. She tolerates other critters, but what she really wants is the love of a human. She likes laps and is fine with being held as long as you are petting her. She does have daily meds to be mixed in with her food and requires special food to manage kidney issues, but she eats it well and is very happy. Contact if you are interested in this wonderful girl!

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ook at this chunk! This is Dozer, he came to us when his previous owner could no longer keep him. We learned from them that he is is very relaxed in the home and enjoys when you talk to him. Dozer is a quiet dog who is looking for his forever home. He likes to play with nylabones, and really enjoys getting treats. One of Dozer's favorite things to do is sit in the garden chair in the yard and observe the world! Dozer should go to a home that doesn't have farm animals, small animals, or cats. If you have any other dogs, he is required to meet them at Asheville Humane Society before adoption; he is choosy with his dog friends! If you want to meet Dozer, give us a call to set up an appointment!

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Our Mission: “To partner with County and community organizations across North Carolina to establish programs to focus on eliminating the suffering and euthanasia of dogs and cats.”

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If you are a 5013c Rescue Organization with whom we have not been in touch, and you would like to place animals for adoption on this page, please send us an email so we can provide you with the guidelines and requirements to do so. Send to email to:

Animal Haven of Asheville

(828) 299-1635


Boxer Butts and Other Mutts, Inc.

(828) 243-4148


Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue

(828) 885-3647


Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary

(828) 817-0859


Henderson County Animal Shelter

(828) 697-4723


Phoenix Landing Foundation Alexander



Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

(828) 246-9050


Asheville Humane Society

(828) 761-2001


Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

(828) 505-3440


FUR of Western North Carolina

(844) 888-2287


FurEver Friends Asheville

(828) 348-7198


Mitchell County Animal Rescue

(828) 765-6952


Pisgah Animal Welfare Society

(828) 545-9390


Teddy and Friends Hendersonville



Blue Ridge Humane Society

(828) 685-7107


Buncombe County Animal Shelter

(828) 250-6430


Foothills Humane Society

(828) 863-4444


Heart of Appalachia Animal Rescue

(828) 423-3062


Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville



Rusty's Legacy Rescue Marion

(828) 460-3190



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