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In 2019 when our beloved Rosie passed, we vowed to somehow save pets' lives to honor her death. Rosie's Rescue  is the result of that vow.For any pet adopted from Rosie's Rescue we will make a donation to that organization.

"Rescues need your help during the Covid 19 Crisis.
Call or click on their link below to find out what you can do."

These are BFF's are most in need of homes.  All different rescue organizations are here in one place, with pets listed as close to  real time as possible. Click on the rescue ad so you can follow up quickly. If the BFF pictured is already in it's forever home, the rescue with help you find the right one for you.

Rescue organizations - send picture and 25 words of description to, subject line Rosie's Rescue. 


Meet your new best bud, Butter! This goofy, gentle giant is all about snuggles and spending quality time with his favorite people. The quickest way to this mellow, kind-hearted hound's heart is a good scratch behind his floppy ears! He would make a wonderful companion for a calm, laidback household. Whether it's a movie night or a stroll through the neighborhood, this good boy is game!

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WORKING CAT. Suki came from York county. Suki is/was feral, but will warm up to you if given time. She wants attention, wants to be petted, will sleep with you, but on her terms. She chases away other kitties. She's great with dogs and other farm animals. She's spayed and approx 5-6 yrs. old. In fantastic health. No issues. She prefers an indoor/outdoor situation, but will stay very close to home.

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Gizmo is a charming and very handsome kitty that has not figured out a litter box! He was found in a ditch one day a couple weeks ago, sitting completely still. His finder took him straight to the vet where they checked him out, found nothing wrong with him and sent him home with his finder. Over the next few days, he wasn't using the litter box so she tried a covered box and uncovered. She took him back to the vet for testing and still, no reason was found for him to avoid a litter box. Since we took Gizmo in last week, he has been neutered and we have tried multiple kinds of litter but he has only used ithe box once. Otherwise, he has chosen to go outside the box, even on the shelf of his cat condo. We have added cat attract litter and still no luck so far. We are hoping he gets the hang of it but it might be best for this handsome creature to live as a mostly outdoor kitty with a warm place to go when it is cold out. Maybe a barn home? Or maybe you are willing to continue working with him to try to figure out why he doesn't appreciate a clean litter box. Apply to adopt to meet this handsome and friendly fella.

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Peter Piper

Barred Rock
0 lbs

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Tuna is the perfect barn cat candidate! She would be a great addition of 24/7, organic pest control to your farm or barn. All she asks in return is a warm place to sleep and her own bowl of food. Our barn cats have waived adoption fees at this time and include a starter kit! We will come and set up a loaner 2 story cat condo on your property for proper transition of Tuna onto your property.

If you are interested in Tuna, please fill out an adoption application online through our website,

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Boogie is making all of our hearts melt right now! This speckled dude is very overwhelmed by the world and people are especially scary right now. It does take Boogie a bit to warm up to new faces and places but other dogs is totally different! He LOVES meeting new dogs and actually is more confident in the company of a more social dog. We think Boogie's ideal home would have another confident dog in it to show him the ropes. But, he will probably always thrive better as more of a homebody dog. The world seems a little too big for this guy! Boogie would benefit from going into a calm, more mature home where they let him get used to his new environment slowly. He is content curling up on a bed in your presence and warms up as you toss him tasty treats. If you're lucky, he will sit right beside you and let you give him a "hug" with one of you arms. Boogie seems like such a gentle and sensitive dog, we know that there is someone out their who is the best medicine for him. If you think that your home is what Boogie needs then consider applying to adopt him!

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Domestic Short Hair Maggie Valley, NC
Kitten Female Medium

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Cocomo is a male African grey; his exact age is unknown but he is over 30 years old. Cocomo has a sweet, lively personality! He loves to whistle, dance, and make a variety of bizarre beeps and other noises. Cocomo has a wide vocabulary including his own name, “pretty bird” and still continues to learn other frequently heard words like “Mr. Bean.” Cocomo loves a variety of fruits and vegetables but his favorites include apples, oranges, and cucumbers. He loves to take baths in his water bowl and walk around as much as he can. Cocomo tilts his head for scratches from trusted individuals and, once he knows you, will easily step up on a stick from his cage. He will also step up on to the arm of a trusted individual away from his cage. Cocomo needs a loving home that can give him attention and space to exercise.

Cocomo is a cancer surviver. He underwent surgery years ago and had to have his preen gland removed. He gets respiratory infections from time to time, so needs a home to monitor him for that, and get him help when needed.

Interested in learning more about Cocomo?

The best way to learn more about him is to complete our parrot match application, found on the "Adoption" page on our website, and send it in. Attending one of our core parrot care classes is also required in order to adopt a parrot. A list of them may be found at Those classes that count as part of the adoption process are noted with an icon beside their title. After attending a class, you will be connected with an adoption coordinator who will work with you to find a good parrot match for your home.

Phoenix Landing offers educational classes and facilitates parrot adoptions in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, and northern Florida. Phoenix Landing does not ship birds.

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Barney is from a litter of 7 puppies. He will likely be medium to large when fully grown. He is being neutered on 2/16 and can go home as early as 2/17. His adoption fee is $350 and includes his neuter, microchip, deworming, vaccinations, and initial dose of flea/heartworm prevention. You can apply for him at

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This adorable boy is Bonzo is a 7 yr old 25lbs Shih Tzu mix. He enjoys car rides and belly scratches by his person.

Bonzo's ideal home is a quiet one with a Single PERSON, no children, no other animals.

Bonzo needs a calm, patient home willing to work with him on his handling and possession issues, including vetting and grooming. He will do best as the only dog in an adult only home.
He is a male marker and would require to be diapered inside the home.
He does not tolerate a groomer and does require more to be groomed.

Bonzo's adoption fee is $175 and he is currently located at Charlies's Angels on our Dog Floor. We do have a application process and do not conduct same day adoptions.

We will require - Local adoptions only to the Asheville area.
Landlord approval
Veterinarian reference
Home Visit

During the COVID-19 we are only conducting adoptions in our community of the Asheville area. We will change that when we feel the risk is lower for all involved in the adoption.

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Hello, I'm Zee, a 4 year old Boxer mix with a precious face. My tongue is always peeping out of my mouth whether it be just a little bit or a few inches worth, making for a permanent "blep". I am as sweet as sugar and have a go with the flow attitude. I take everything in stride and am ready to be your sidekick!

I am heartworm positive, but that doesn't mean my heart has any less love to give. The humans tell me not to worry because heartworms are very common in strays like me, but the good news is that I am easily curable! Foothills Humane Society will even cover the expenses of my heartworm treatment until I am negative. For more information on heartworms, read this awesome article by The American Heartworm Society:

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an adoption application online through the Foothills Humane Society website,

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This confident, curious kitty is looking for her forever home, and you just might be it! Mia is a social gal that enjoys making new friends and exploring new environments. She likes to get attention and is great at expressing herself through her body language. Ask us how you can meet this clever, quick-witted lady today!

This cute pet is available for adoption through Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Email for more information!

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Our beautiful Nessa girl did not live a great life before coming to the rescue. She was used as a bait dog and came to us with many scars to prove her past was horrible. She also had a significant eye injury that required us to remove her eye and left her partially blind in the other eye - but does this stop this girl from being one of the most loving and loyal dogs every - no - she is the epitome of a rescue dog that shows every day how thankful she is for being rescued. While she has made progress being around other dogs we feel the best and safest fit for Nessa is a home where she can be the only dog as she deserves the full attention from her humans. Because her vision is impaired we do not think a home with small children would be a good fit for Nessa but she would love to cuddle in an older childs lap. Nessa is estimated to be 4 years old and is 60 pounds. She is current on her vaccinations, microchipped, spayed, dewormed and she was heartworm positive when she came to the rescue but finished her treatment and is now current on her heartworm prevention. Nessa is so deserving of a happy ever after and we are determined to give that to her. She is going to be an amazing addition to some very very lucky family. If you are interested in adopting Nessa please go to our website and fill out one of our adoption applications. We do require vet references and a home visit.

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Mena is a very active 2 year old Husky looking for a home without any other animals. Mena loves to go hiking and is reportedly house trained. She has lots of energy, which makes her a very happy dog and a great companion to be active with, but also means she will need extra attention when it comes to training. She will be most successful with an owner who is familiar with the Husky breed and has an active lifestyle. She will thrive best in a home without young children or other pets. If you're looking for a partner in crime to go out and do all the fun things with, then come meet Mena today!

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Herman is an incredibly affectionate 5 month old kitten waiting, along with his brother Doc Brown, for his new home. If possible, it would be great for them to go to a home together! Herman has a wonderful personality, and loves to give head bumps.
Make an appointment to meet him today!

Adoption fee: $125
Adoption fee covers: fiv/felv testing, deworming, rabies and core vaccines, microchip, spay/neuter, and monthly prevention

Adoption process:
landlord approval
approved application
veterinary reference

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Maggie, Mags, Mag-licious...this girl is a total BABE! We can't get enough of her chubby cheeks and her thiccc bod. Maggie definitely has all the jiggle in all the right places but it might be good in a new home for her to get up and move a bit more. She landed back at our adoption center due to her owner falling ill and not able to care for her anymore. Although she is warming up to us now, Maggie was not happy being out of her home environment and we hope she gets into a new one soon. This chunky girl would probably prefer a life in solitude without the hassle of getting to know other pets. She was adored and spoiled as an 'only child' and we think she deserves to be pampered like that again! Maggie LOVES head scratches and gladly offers the best head boops once she is comfortable with you. We think one of the reasons her body is so voluptuous is because it is holding all the personality this girl has to offer! She is a real delight to be around and will be a source of constant entertainment and joy for her new home. She is a bit more independent but don't think that means she isn't affectionate, she's a total love bug! If you think your home is missing Maggie then please consider applying to adopt her!

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Our Mission: “To partner with County and community organizations across North Carolina to establish programs to focus on eliminating the suffering and euthanasia of dogs and cats.”

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If you are a 5013c Rescue Organization with whom we have not been in touch, and you would like to place animals for adoption on this page, please send us an email so we can provide you with the guidelines and requirements to do so. Send to email to:

Almost Home Animal Rescue

(828) 884-9883


Boxer Butts and Other Mutts, Inc.

(828) 243-4148


Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue

(828) 885-3647


Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary

(828) 817-0859


Henderson County Animal Shelter

(828) 697-4723


Phoenix Landing Foundation Alexander



Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

(828) 246-9050


Asheville Humane Society

(828) 761-2001


Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

(828) 505-3440


FUR of Western North Carolina

(844) 888-2287


FurEver Friends Asheville

(828) 348-7198


Mitchell County Animal Rescue

(828) 765-6952


Pisgah Animal Welfare Society

(828) 545-9390


Sister Kitten

(828) 400-0223


Blue Ridge Humane Society

(828) 685-7107


Buncombe County Animal Shelter

(828) 250-6430


Foothills Humane Society

(828) 863-4444


Heart of Appalachia Animal Rescue

(828) 423-3062


Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville



Rusty's Legacy Rescue Marion

(828) 460-3190


Teddy and Friends Hendersonville




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